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Think Ahead

Data Strategy

How is your essential company data stored? Do you know where it is, what it consists of, and how secure it is? We create comprehensive data strategies that take into consideration your organisation’s individual needs and challenges, and encompass everything related to your data.

Achieve More

Higher performance

Are you systems running at the optimal level? Slow systems can negatively impact on your Google ranking, performance, and key business processes. Our team of database experts ensure all of your systems are performing at a high-level at all times.

Stay Informed

Business opportunities

Do you have the time and resources to analyse your data and use it to make it informed decisions? Is your data allowing you to be proactive rather than simply reactive in your business strategies? Your data holds the key to your business success, and we can help you understand and apply it in a meaningful way.

Unlimited Database Administration

Database Upgrades & Migrations

Database Performance & Optimisation

Data Quality Dashboards


Our Services To Get Data Right For Our Clients


Unlimited Database Administration

Why hire an in-house database administrator when you can have a dedicated team of database experts at your disposal? Our fully-managed database administration service takes care of all your database needs - providing you with a more cost-effective solution.

Get Ahead

Take control of you data and get all the enhancements of the newest version of your database


Database upgrades & migrations

Is your database in need of an upgrade? Database upgrades and migrations can seem like an overwhelming project. Our experienced team can make the process smooth in upgrading and migrating your databases between platforms, database technologies, and to the Cloud.

Emergency service

Emergency troubleshooting

Are you experiencing a severe database issue? Are your backups failing or your database unresponsive? We can start investigating the issue within minutes to get you back up and running in no time.

Unlock The Power Of Your Data

Reap the benefits from your data stores, find hidden trends to inform business decisions.


More value from your data

Are you harnessing your data in a way to benefit your business? We can revolutionize the way you report, analyse, and present your data - no more unreliable, out-of-date, or incorrect data. Our in-depth reports let you use data to demonstrate value to senior stakeholders.

Receiving Professional Database Services

Some of our happy customers


ClearSky‘s knowledge and experience of big data has been an important factor in helping them to understand and support a complex software development which is helping OnGen scale the business.  Their relaxed style and flexibility is underpinned by a deep technical knowledge which is a good fit with our own culture. "

— Chris Trigg, OnGen Managing Director

ClearSky’s utilities industry knowledge has allowed them to quickly understand and deliver complex functionality, whilst working collaboratively alongside our existing team. Their flexible approach and technical understanding has helped us deliver and support complex and fast paced change over the last 9 months."

— John Wignall, Utiligroup Programme Manager

For anyone who is looking for an IT partner who can provide first class database services & support, they are experts in architecting and delivering robust, scalable and performant database solutions. Their expertise spans most modern technologies and platforms, and is backed by sound business judgement.

— Dave Richardson, Spark Energy Former CTO